Best Buy to Launch 250GB PlayStation3 Slim on November 3?

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Do you have a PS3 Slim? In case you do not, then you should get one this week. The 250GB PlayStation 3 Slim is confirmed to arrive in the United States November 3 and is said to cost $ 349.99. Only $ 100 more than the Model 120 GB Do you think it is worth to get?

It looks like Best Buy is almost ready to sell the console too that the new PS3 Slim has been spotted in Best Buy inventory. The image was taken in a backroom Best Buy in Houston, not that it matters that much. Most Best Buy stores should have received the console so you'll probably find the PS3 Slim 250 GB in a Best Buy store near you next week. Anyone excited yet?

ka nuo 7705 bluetooth quad band cell phone Red (2GB TF card)

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Fully Unlocked - Works on all four GSM frequency bands for the main world of the great wide reception.

fm radio - pick up your favorite FM radio stations wherever you are.

Bluetooth - high-tech speed wireless.

QWERTY Keyboard - Full QWERTY keyboard for ease of use.

RIM to develop WebKit Mobile Internet Browser?

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BlackBerry owners will be pleased to learn that RIM is interested in hiring a "WebKit Developer." This means that the Canadian company is considering developing a completely new mobile browser. It makes no secret that most RIM Torch Mobile bought a while ago, which happens to be the company that created the Iris WebKit based browser. Apparently, this is not enough and RIM needs a more qualified for the WebKit developers to help the cause . A new browser for the BlackBerry OS is certainly a boon if you happen to have the necessary skills, then go ahead and apply for the job! We waited for a new mobile Internet browser for smartphones BlackBerry for too long.

Do not text and drive in New York! Seriously!

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It looks like the New York State officially bans texting while driving. From now on, you really should stop sending SMS while driving. If by chance you get caught you pay a fine of up to $ 150. The next time you text and drive in New York you'd better ask if it is worth doing. Not because he is a fine, but because texting while driving is actually more dangerous than driving under the influence. Other states have similar laws in place and we can assume that others will then start to get used to stop the car if you absolutely need to address some of these incoming messages.

Pico RX-180 - The mobile phone at low cost

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Pearl announces the arrival of a new mobile home Simvalley, Pico RX-180A phone without rest, at low cost, that was not afraid to bring in output risk.

This new mini phone Pico RX-180 exists in 4 different colors:
silver metallic

Tech Specs Pico RX-180 are:
Dualband GSM 900/1800 phones to mobile networks in Europe
Display 1.2 "LCD (96x49)
Buttons and backlit screen
Exterior smooth with sensitive keys and 4-way center button
SMS, contacts, reminder, secret call, profiles, call list,
Key Lock
Extras: alarm, clock and date
Li-Ion 430 mAh
Range: up to 90 minutes talk time and 100 hours standby
Dimensions: 50 x 80 x 10 mm
Weight: 55 g with battery
AC charger included
Side price,PICO RX-180 is marketed to: € 26.90
Moreover, Pearl joined AccessOWeb to offer 3 Pico RX-180 . You have until Friday, September 12th evening to register and try to win.

LG GW620 - A Slider in Android

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The LG GW620, Sailing under AndroidShould emerge by the end of the year.

This mobile LG disposes of a touch screen of 3 inches, an AFN 5 million pixels autofocus, WiFi and GPS.

Rogers offered the Nokia 6790 Surge

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Rogers offers a new device, the Nokia 6790 Surge. This device includes a QWERTY keyboard, a camera 2.0 mega pixels and is based on Symbian. Surge The Nokia 6790 also includes an A-GPS and is compatible with services such as Ovi Ovi Files Ovi Ovi Share and Store. Rogers sells this device for $ 29.99 with a 3 year contract.